Softwave Tissue Regeneration Therapy

Softwave Tissue Regeneration Therapy

Softwave Tissue Regeneration Therapy
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Thousands of patients throughout the country have experienced pain relief from ESWT's drug-free-non-invasive treatment!

Softwave Tissue Regeneration Therapy (Softwave TRT), also know as Extracorporeal ShockWave Therapy (ESWT) produces sound waves with a very specific waveform eliciting a strong cellular response. The sudden change in pressure caused by the shockwaves triggers the cells to respond as it would to trauma, increasing your healing response by up to 20x.

The sound waves are pulsed into the body, directly where your indication is located, using a device called an Orthogold 100. This results in the opening of existing blood vessels and the growth of new ones as well (a process called "neovascularization"or "angioneogenesis"). The release of growth factors, anti-inflammatory agents, and an improved blood supply occur in response to TRT.

This new technology has proven to be groundbreaking in sports medicine, pain management, and wound care. Independent studies have shown that up to 91% of patients experience successful healing. Besides activating your dormant resident stem cells, TRT also boosts collagen production and breaks up calcification in tendons.

Other benefits include:

  • Accelerating healing of connective tissue
  • Improved mitochondrial function (the energy-producing part of your cells)
  • Decreased inflammation and swelling
  • Improvement of ejection fraction rates in cardio tissue after infarction or heart attack
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Stimulation of your own stem cell production and migration within 10 weeks
  • Improvement in exosome circulation
  • Restoration in range of motion and decrease in PAIN!
  • Help with wound healing; also has an anti-microbial effect
  • Accelerated healing in non-healing fractures in lower extremities

What Others Have Experienced

  • "Do you know how good it feels to have no pain? AMAZING. So, if you're in pain and need relief, come and try this. It's so well worth it!" (Terri, chronic knee pain)
  • "For the first time in many years I didn't have pain... It just brought back life to me that I haven't had in so many years." (Chelsey, chronic back pain)
  • "If you're going through any type of pain like I have, this is a really good treatment. I've been suffering for almost two years. I got to the point where I couldn't get out of bed, and now I think the benefit of this treatment is more than you could imagine. It's off the scale of 10. I would give it a 180." (Ms. Adams, chemo-induced peripheral neuropathy)

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